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The company Bella-9  in August 2011 bought Cold store Riđake.
Cold store Riđake is located on the main road Sabac-Valjevo in the village Riđake 13 km from Sabac on the road to Valjevo.
Cold store Riđake has a surface area of 2000m² and hass Storage capacity of 1900t.
In its composition, are two classic tunnels and one continuous tunnel, three cold storage chambers  and manufacturing area of 500 m².
Cold store has a complete equipment for processing raspberries, blackberries and plums,
as well as a line for destoning cherry, also it has a loading ramp.

Cold store is certified  and has its own registration number for the export of fruit, vegetables and dairy products to the Russian Federation,
and possess HACCP, ISO 9001 and BRC standards for production, packaging fruit.

Purchase of Cold store Riđake for the company Bella-9 is another step in the strategic spread of company
the purchase helped Bella 9 to became one of the largest producers of fruits in the region.

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