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The company "Bella 9" d.o.o. in whose property is Cold store Skupljen has continued
the tradition of family Popović which is more than 40 years old

main activity is processing, freezing and export of top quality Serbian fruit on the market of the European Union, America and Russia.

Cold store Skupljen is located on the highway Belgrade-Sabac and is strategically located between three largest fruit growing region,
Valjevsko-Kolubarske, Macvanska and Krupanj.

One time storage capacity of Cold store is  3500t at -18 Cº and fruit processing capacity is 9000tper year
and  that classifies us as a largest processor of fruits in the region.
Cold store Skupljen has 6 chambers in Minus mode over -18 Cº and modern production facility of 500 m2.
and possess HACCP, ISO 9001 and BRC standards for production, packaging fruit.

Major buyers for the Company BELLA 9 are processors of fruits, Retail chains, Dairy and Bakery from EU, USA, RF.

Major suppliers are larger individual producers of fruits from Macva and Valjevo region, as well as producers from all over Serbia.

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